Requirements and application procedures for a foster child

You want a foster child take? What requirements you have to fulfill what when applying particular attention is paid and what you should else in mind if you want to take a foster child, you can read here.

take a foster child: how to apply?

Foster children are taught from social services or by recognized independent institutions in Germany, as well as adopted children. The application is similar to accessing an adoption. You want to learn more about adoption? In the following article, we answered you the most important questions about adopting a child.

The requirements for foster parents are All thing a little different than the requirements for adoptive parents, because it is loaded to, often dealing with traumatized children, because ...

  • Foster children often bring a long history of suffering. For example, because the parents were unable due to illness, financial hardship or drug dependency, to take good care of their child. Or because the other parent is not there or even unknown.
  • Foster children often have experienced neglect, have been beaten or have experienced psychological violence. These experiences have great support and will never make living together easily in a foster home. The decision should therefore be carefully considered, because the foster care is a task that requires a lot of patience, courage and a good dose of idealism.

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wish if you take requirements, a foster child

There is no requirement that you live as potential foster mother in a traditional family form that you are married to your partner or a lot of merit. both heterosexual and same-sex couples as well as single buyers to a foster child can apply. Even residential communities can take a foster child, however, the necessary emotional and financial stability for the foster child must always be secured. Often foster children are in families with several children, so they can find the same connection. If this is the case, the following applies: The foster child must be at least two years younger than the youngest child in the family.

There are some requirements that you should always observe:

  • Financially secure: As a caregiver, you should in a good financial position to live and also do without the income of your partner may order your foster child can be well looked after. Foster parents receive from social services, although the care allowance for financial assistance, it is however mainly intended for the maintenance costs of the child. The apartment should be large enough so that the foster child can find its place. Foster parents need to apply also a health certificate and a police certificate.
  • High load: to educate a child is never a walk - no matter whether it is a corporeal, an adopted or foster child received in. However, unlike biological parents foster parents can not always make their decisions alone. They will work with social services and possibly also directly to the child's parents. A major challenge, however, to accept the foster child as it is. And that means to deal with its past levels and the resulting problems. Due to isolation, neglect and experienced physical or psychological violence, many foster children have developed behaviors that must be received intensively for the foster parents: To foster children often cling very strong. Others let anyone close to him. And many foster children have developmental disorders, for example, late clean.

Application procedure if you want to take a foster child

If you are interested in a foster child, you should first attend an information session of the local youth welfare office. It is also useful to previously seek contact with other foster families. The relevant Youth Welfare Office helps you safely while you.

If the decision taken to try to take a foster child, the application follows. As a rule, the application process takes several months. So that the exchange can get a picture of you, you must now fill out questionnaires, talk with an expert and participate in preparatory seminars. You probably will visited by a member or an employee of the youth office at home at least once. The exchange expects openness to personal issues such as family life, childhood, belief, life planning and educational goals.

Particular emphasis is placed on the rationale for the desire for a foster child. Are these purely personal reasons, such as a hoped-closer relationship of spouses to each other, financial benefits or the desire for a playmate for your child, then the youth welfare office is probably the partners assign a child. Because that the nursing relationship is a success, the ultimate goal of the foster parents, as the exchange must always be the welfare of the child.

Will you accept as a candidate for foster care, then the Youth Office will report sooner or later with you. You will then receive detailed information on the possible foster child, about his history and his biological family. then usually you have peace and time to opt for this new and important task.

How strong are the candidates?

An important topic of the preparation phase is the question of the own strengths, resources and borders. Often fail foster parents because they have not done their limits in advance clear. By a realistic assessment of their own abilities a suitable foster child may be better found and a failure can be prevented. Also important is intensive preparation for potential problems with the foster child. So the foster parents to spot a problem early on, meet them realistic and patient and find a solution.

After an extensive and intensive preparation is a difficult but also very beautiful and interesting time with the foster child no more obstacles.

Useful addresses

  • PATH - Federation of foster and adoptive families:
  • BAG kiap - Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft children in adoptive and foster families:
  • Foster Parents Forum - portal of foster parents for foster parents:

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