Shooting below the left breast: What’s behind it?

Have you felt under the left breast, a stinging and you're wondering whether it indicates a heart attack, breast cancer or another serious condition. What is the cause of the discomfort and when you should see a doctor?

Since there are vital organs in the chest, it is definitely recommended to consult a doctor. However, you do not need to panic. Because most of the stitches have a harmless cause. However, underlying diseases, inflammation or circulatory disorders should be ruled out by a doctor.

the discomfort and typical symptoms

Most stinging occurs only temporarily under the left breast. Some notice the sting only when lying down, especially at night. Others suffer mainly in stressful situations on the complaints. Often the symptoms after physical exertion, such as carrying and lifting heavy objects and sometimes associated with breastfeeding occur.
The Shooting below the left breast may be accompanied by ear pressure, headaches, back problems, forearm discomfort "dormant", hands and nausea. This may extend over the entire chest area.

Trigger for the jump-off under the left breast

The ascent of stomach acid into the esophagus (heartburn) may cause excessive pain behind the breastbone. Also the roemheld syndrome, in which accumulations of gas in the digestive tract press the diaphragm upwards, can be accompanied by chest discomfort. If you are pregnant, your baby with advancing pregnancy will give more and more space and constrict the diaphragm.
An outbreak of shingles often manifests itself in a chest half and leads to stabbing chest pain. In many cases, there are tensions, a sore or vertebral blockages in the upper back that radiates to the chest, causing the discomfort. If you are a particular risk for a heart attack, have biased or very uncertain, the immediate prospect of a doctor is imperative.

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