Side dimension: Backgrounds and calculation

The Side dimension may be of interest to you, especially if you want to buy you furniture. Learn more here.

What is a Side dimension?

The Side dimension is based on the geometric legs which brings an object with it. It is a measurement term which is probably of interest to you, especially in furniture. But if you want to buy a bike you, you come into contact with it. With regard to pieces of furniture, it describes the length of the regions, which are located on the wall. It is particularly interesting in a bed, but also in cupboards and tables that are to be placed in a corner. All the furniture with a rectangular shape generally bring a Side dimension with it. Usually it is even specified.

Measure the Side dimension from the sofa

So you can imagine better, such as a sofa makes in your living room, it may be useful to know the Side dimension. Usually it is called directly at the information the sofa. You can, if necessary, identify yourself: you just take the lengths of the sides that are on the wall. In a corner sofa which is for example the back and then the corner side. Here, the two lengths are measured. Has your sofa a back side of 275 cm and a corner side of 175 cm, then the Side dimension 275 x 175 cm. Now, you put out the best two folding rules with these measures on the ground. So you can see how much space does the sofa and whether it would come in your living room to their best advantage.

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