Size and weight of your child

Your child has developed very quickly in terms of size and weight within the first year. It is you likely to happen often that relatives or friends that you have not taken a long time, no longer be amazed out.

height and weight

At the age of ten to twelve months your child has gained not only a lot of weight and size. It has become a small man with a real personality. No wonder that relatives and friends amazed when they see your child. Up to their first birthday, most children have tripled their birth weight and are on average between 70 and 80 centimeters tall. The head circumference is usually at about 46.5 centimeters.

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weight fluctuations

The weight can be highly volatile. This must be a cause for concern not automatic. Your child may have no appetite because there is so much to discover and everything else is more interesting than sitting in a high chair and eat porridge. learn running consumes a lot of energy. These aspects can cause an entertaining weight loss. Look at this in the NetMoms size-weight curve for girls and for boys to have what weight and what size children at that age your baby. However, always remember that each child develops differently. For any further questions you turn to your best to your pediatrician.

Size-weight curve girls in the first year of life

Size-weight curve in girls in the first year of life

Your baby is in the standard? Find out if your little girl rather corresponds to the average score in terms of the size and weight or whether you should watch both attentive.

Size-weight curve boys in the first year of life

Size-weight curve in boys in the first year of life

What weight is normal for your little boy in the first year? From when he is with his size out of the norm? Our graph shows it to you.

Development of height and weight since birth

In the following articles you can read about how your baby has developed in recent months:

  • Newborn: Why take it off after birth
  • 1st-3rd Month: Growth and weight set rapidly to
  • 4-sixth Month: Your baby is growing more slowly
  • 7-ninth Month: Weight and size are individually

Developing your baby in other areas

Find out in the following articles, the progress still makes your baby at the age of ten to twelve months:

  • Move: On the way to the first steps
  • Nutrition: Eating with the greats
  • Communication: The first words
  • Sleep: find a sleep rhythm
  • sense: Your child discovers the world

Further information

Book: Baby's First YearIf you want to know about the development of your baby even more, we recommend you the JV book "Baby's First Year" by the book authors Vivian Weigert and Dr. Franz Paky. Thank you to the Graefe and Dead Ringers Publisher for support.

"About the book

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