Size chart for babies and children

Read here to find out what sizes children have on average in the first months and years and how you can easily measure. We've put together for you all size tables for babies and children.

Measure sizes for children

The dress size of a child is determined primarily by its height and its proportions. The values ​​of the size tables are average values ​​in the respective age groups. However, they are as the, as the values ​​of many children soft, at least temporarily, largely on the average values ​​from. It also is worth the sizes of the manufacturer before buying to compare, because, unfortunately, size specifications of manufacturers are sometimes very different.

  • Sizes for children - Height: The height of your child you measure the best front of a wall. With a tape measure you measure now from head up to the sole.
  • Sizes for children - Chest: The chest is the strongest part of your chest that you can horizontally measure with the tape measure.
  • Sizes for children - Waist: Waist circumference measures you loose once around the waist of your child. Sometimes it is also called Waist size.
  • Sizes for children - Hips: The hip size is measured on the other hand horizontally with the tape around the Po around.
  • Sizes for children - stride: The step length is measured on the inside of the leg from the crotch to the heel.

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Size Chart: baby, toddler and child

All sizes for children are given in centimeters.

Size table for babies 0 to 12 month
Size table for small children 1 to 6 years old
Size Chart for children 6 to 11 years
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