So the diet supports fertility

What did eat you and your partner a huge impact on your fertility. What you should look for in your diet, what foods you better avoid and what can support your fertility, this wiki.

If your desire to have children stayed away so far, then this may also be because you and your partner does not feed you properly. Because the diet can have a big impact on whether your body is ready to receive a child. It is therefore important that you carefully observed your eating behavior in everyday life and some important factors.

Balanced diet to support fertility

  • It provides the body with all the essential vitamins and minerals. But it is not "more is better", but also in the supply of individual vitamins and minerals you should pay attention to a healthy level. Because too much can be harmful.
  • A balanced diet not only promotes the overall health and well-being, but also strengthens the immune system. It can prevent as some organic and hormone-related disorders of fertility. It is therefore important to pay attention already in the fertility phase emphasis on the diet.
  • But during pregnancy, you should continue to pay more attention to the diet, because You are providing your baby with. What you have to look out for in pregnancy, you can in our field "Nutrition in pregnancy" read.

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Why harm overweight or underweight?

A balanced and healthy diet also means that you can prevent both over underweight. Both extremes can have a negative effect on fertility. Obesity can lead to fewer sperm are produced in your partner. With yourself, it may interfere with ovulation and increased insulin levels can even cause ovulation fails completely. The same effect on your body can also have underweight because the reproductive function is set at a lower supply of the body first and the period may not occur thus.

Essential vitamins and minerals

Some vitamins and nutrients have in trying to get pregnant, a special meaning:

  • folic acid requires your body to produce the female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. A sufficient intake of vitamin B-thus increasing the receptivity. And seen in the long term it is important that your needs are met in folic acid. If you are pregnant, then your adolescent child needs already in the very early stage of development sufficient folic acid, so that his nervous system can develop healthily. Much folic acid is mainly in green leafy vegetables, asparagus, papaya and broccoli. But also in chicken liver, beef liver or hard-boiled eggs there is plenty of folic acid. But since there many women difficult their need for folic acid naturally to cover the woman doctors advise frequently to compensate with an appropriate dietary supplement preparation needs.
  • vitamins: The other vitamins of the B complex and vitamin C and E can greatly assist your fertility. Vitamin E is necessary, for example, so that the egg can implant in the uterus and promotes ovulation. Vitamin C deficiency can result for example in your partner to impaired sperm quality.
  • The trace element zinc is another substance that can have a positive impact on your fertility. With you it supports the regularity of the cycle, which plays a crucial factor in conception. When your partner zinc increases the formation of the male sex hormone testosterone and thus has a beneficial effect on the production and motility of sperm from. Zinc You can take you over beef, lamb, seafood or saltwater fish.

Supplement your diet but easy!

To take the important nutrients to you, no extreme measures are needed in many couples. Often it is sufficient to consciously pay attention to the daily diet and incorporate some new recipes aware in the diet. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables provide the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals, but also healthy fats from nuts, oils or dairy products should not be missing in your diet since they promote the absorption of vitamins through the body. In our article "Nutritious Recipes for having children" you can find some simple and tasty recipes to try that provide you best. Perhaps they will help you to enrich your diet.

When taking additional supplements?

Are you unsure how high is your need for different vitamins and minerals? Or, some of the proposed food hardly find on your eating plan? Then you speak best with your gynecologist about your eating habits, are analyzing together with him or her your requirements and develop measures to compensate either the diet or dietary supplements.

Also true drink is important!

The adequate fluid intake you should not neglect. Daily drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water or tea ensures the correct distribution of nutrients in the body and stimulates the metabolism. Excessive consumption of caffeine or alcoholic beverages should better avoid her. Large amounts of caffeine from coffee, tea or cola can cause hormonal imbalances. Alcohol in turn may also be used in small quantities to produce eggs or the concentration of sperm impact.

Long-term planning

For all plans for diet you should be aware to realize the changes at an early stage, because the body needs mostly to store nutrients in sufficient quantities and to create important depots, of which both you, as can also feed off your unborn child a few months.

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