Solarium in pregnancy – What speaks against it?

Even in pregnancy, many women do not want to give up the aisle to the solarium. But there speak some reasons against it. In the following article, you'll learn why you should not use it by visiting the solarium during pregnancy.

Whether beauty ritual, short break from dreary autumn weather, or in preparation for the Caribbean vacation: around 16 million German enjoy Dermatological Prevention (ADP) more or less regularly, the artificial sun in the solarium loud Association. But the tan from the socket is not safe and should be carefully considered them.

Solarium visits during pregnancy - Are they harmful to the baby?

The question is controversial. Sufficient evidence on the effects of solarium visits during pregnancy on the unborn baby does not exist. Nevertheless, there are certain indicators that could cause many health experts advise against to visit a solarium during pregnancy.

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Why would rather do without the solarium during pregnancy?

  • Reduction of folic acid: Preliminary studies suggest a relationship between UV radiation and the reduction of folic acid suggest. Folic acid is important for the development of your baby, especially in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. In order not to take any unnecessary risks, it is therefore advisable to refrain from visiting a tanning bed during pregnancy.
  • Skin in pregnancy: By hormonal changes in pregnancy Your skin may be more sensitive to UV rays than usual. So it may come as quickly to sunburn or to unsightly pigment spots, which are exacerbated by extensive sunbathing in the solarium or in the real sun. Instead of the often persecuted effect of flawless tan during pregnancy so rather enters the "patchy" contrary by too much sun. You can avoid this best by you as little as possible of the best not to expose yourself natural and artificial sun.
  • Dehydration and overheating: Another reason to avoid the sun: In pregnancy is at too pronounced Sonnenbaddie risk of becoming dehydrated or overheated. This is neither good for you nor for your baby.

Health risks in the solarium and outside of pregnancy

Even if no pregnancy is with you, the use is not without risk, as numerous findings and measures of recent years show. Thus, the use of solariums favors, for example, premature skin aging or eye damage.

The greatest danger, however, is skin cancer. In 2009, solariums by the World Health Organization (WHO) were classified as highly carcinogenic. Corresponding research had shown that the Skin cancer risk may increase with regular use of tanning beds by up to 75%. This is significantly higher than assumed to date and is now comparable to the dangers posed as cigarettes or asbestos. Young people under 30 who regularly visit a solarium, by the way especially at risk. Therefore, the protection of minors a legal ban on the use of tanning beds for minors was in Germany, also in 2009, adopted.

Solarium use in pregnancy anyway - the right way

Ultimately, it is of course your decision whether you, whether that uses a solarium during pregnancy or not. If you want to abandon despite the risks described in the pregnancy on the sun push of a button does not, ask in any case your doctor for advice. Let yourself also consult a qualified force in your tanning salon. That you should also do by the way, if you're not pregnant. You can also heed the following points:

  • A device identification with 0.3W / m2 indicates that the irradiance in line with EU regulations.
  • Whether solarium or real sun: Make sure that the total number of your sun exposure does not exceed 50 per year.
  • Avoid definitely a sunburn.
  • Renounce Vorbräunen for holidays in the solarium, which means only a higher and unnecessary burden on your skin.
  • Carrying the solarium always wear safety glasses.
  • Renunciations in the solarium on sunscreen or other cosmetics.

If you are suffering from a skin disease, for example, and perhaps think of being able to make a difference with artificial UV radiation: Let yourself be carried away by no means to unauthorized experiments in the solarium. Therapeutic treatments with UV light should always only at the direction and under the supervision of a physician respectively.

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