Sport has an impact on the desire to have children?

What impact does sport on your fertility? Learn here the role sports plays for your common desire to have children and what you should look for.

If it does not want to work properly with the desire to have children after some time to review many couples their way of life in search of possible causes. Even the weight and fitness is questioned there. If we make too little sport and has appropriate "love handles"? Or we follow a very intense sport program and requires the body regularly much from? Both can exert influence on fertility.

Fitness supported fertility

is generally opposed to sport in the fertility phase nothing wrong. Rather the opposite. Sport has for your body following advantages in terms of your fertility:

  • Physical activity promotes overall health and stimulates the metabolism.
  • By standard sports also insulin secretion is regulated in women, improving the hormone profile and thus can support fertility.
  • Adequate exercise also helps to reduce body fat. The female body applies 30% of the estrogen from fat cells. At an excessively high body fat content so it can cause endocrine disruption, which can reduce the chances of conceiving. A balanced body fat percentage is important in this phase of life.
  • Even with your partner Sport not only promotes physical fitness. Through regular training sessions in testosterone levels rise in men and sperm quality improves.
  • Fit people have the opinion of many physicians also more sex, thus increasing their chances of getting pregnant.

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Study shows negative effect of too much sport

In a long-term study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology even showed that extreme sports can have worse effects on fertility as the factors smoking and age. The study asked 3,000 women about their sports and lifestyle habits and asked some years later, having children and their successful pregnancies from. It was found that extremely driven sport had a clear negative impact on the desired pregnancy. The study, however, yet is also the "sport addicts" hope. Because the fertility problems were not on time at the women surveyed. If you reduce the excessive workload sports, so the body recovers quickly and obviously you can see after a short time in fertility no longer any difference.

Too much sport hormones negatively affected

But why did a lot of sports have an adverse effect on fertility? Doctors explain this relationship through exhaustion of the body and the effect on the hormonal balance. Regular exercise to exhaustion prompts the body all off. Since the body uses all his energy for regeneration, many other processes are throttled in the body for the time. Also, the hormone balance is thus confused. The menstrual cycle can be irregular. Oocyte maturation is adversely affected. In extreme cases, ovulation for a time even absent altogether.

Regularly but in moderation!

therefore is recommended although regular, but not excessive practice of sport. Particularly useful are endurance sports such as jogging, walking, swimming or inline skating. But exercise and relaxation exercises like yoga or gymnastics you can operate safely. If you want you can also connect your fertility target your active lifestyle. For example, using hormone yoga you can deliberately do something to get your body & hormonal system into balance. In our video you will learn more about hormone Yoga:

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