stop vomiting in children: rapid assistance

Vomiting often happens in children. The causes are different. It is important that the child gets enough liquid. A few home remedies help to stop the vomiting quickly.

Plenty of fluids is important now

If your child vomits, it is important that you give him no more food, so that the digestive tract reassured. but drinking is still of great importance. However, the child can only take small sips to himself. At the start you can give him the liquid spoonful. Ideally, tea or water-diluted orange juice. When it comes, you can add a little salt and glucose. Very good anti-nausea effect ginger. About casting for some freshly sliced ​​ginger slices with boiling water and let the whole draw about ten minutes. to show vomiting in combination with diarrhea, a carrot soup is helpful. The carrots in water good cook, puree and salt lightly. The soup you should give your child the spoonful. In its environment you also should avoid strong odors. Because cooking odors, smoke or perfume can increase the nausea.

help peace and fresh air

Give your child the opportunity to rest. Try to calm down as much as possible. Some children get upset very much if they have to vomit. Let rinse his mouth after each vomiting. The acid may otherwise damage the teeth. In addition, it reduces the unpleasant taste. Airs the living room regularly. Also warm and stale air can promote vomiting. If all these funds do not help, you can rely on counter remedies that are available in drops or suppository form at the pharmacy. You should only use them but if the vomiting is no serious underlying disease and no other symptoms are apparent. Once show other symptoms or stop the vomiting, you should consult a pediatrician.

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