The 10 most common mistakes to become pregnant

From "One should to become mothers, preferably daily sex" to "men are from hot baths barren": some myths about fertility and pregnancy are common. The ten most popular misconceptions about becoming pregnant, we have gathered here for you.

1. On the day of ovulation is the greatest chance of becoming pregnant.

The egg is fertilized after ovulation about twelve to twenty-four hours. If ovulation in the morning, it may be too late may in the late evening for fertilization already. The probability of becoming pregnant is greatest when the partners have sex two to three days before ovulation.

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2. In each cycle, ovulation takes place.

It can happen before, that fails in a cycle of ovulation. Menstruation is not a sign that ovulation actually took place.

3. The chances are to get pregnant best when you have sex daily.

More often, sex does not increase the chances of fertilization. Most important is sex during fertile days. But then you'd better have sex every other day, because at a daily ejaculation sperm quality decreases.

4. Ovulation takes place by increasing the body temperature.

Not correct. Rather, the increased temperature indicates that ovulation has already occurred. She gets about one to two days after ovulation. On the day of Tempeaturanstieges and three days earlier, fertility is highest. For observation you can use the temperature method. Quite simply this is to hold our cycle calendar. Better than this alone, however, works only the Symptothermal method.

5. If no pregnancy is established, the woman is mostly barren.

This is also wrong. The causes of infertility are found in approximately the same number of cases in men and in women.

6. A pregnancy takes time flat. Why should we go to the doctor?

If you do not become pregnant despite regular sex in one to two years, reasons for infertility might be present. Therefore you should you then contact a physician. This can clarify possible causes and recommend a reasonable treatment.

7. For all having children work on request. Just not with us ...

A longer waiting period before the onset of pregnancy is normal. After all, a third of all women have more than one year to wait for the longed-for offspring announces itself. In addition, the chance of pregnancy per cycle only makes up about 25 percent.

8. Who for years takes the pill, will later get pregnant faster.

Rather the opposite is true, because after stopping the pill, the natural cycle must be level off. Although some women will even after stopping the pill pregnant relatively quickly, but most will have to wait longer than average of getting pregnant.

9. As long as a woman is breastfeeding, she can not get pregnant.

Breastfeeding makes pregnancy unlikely, but not impossible! Breast-feeding the formation of hormones prevents that control the maturation of oocytes and ovulation. This indeed decreases fertility and menstruation remains off, but the woman is not necessarily sterile. Freshly Baked mothers who still want another child, should thus also prevent breast-feeding.

10. For hot Baden makes men infertile.

Although heat has a bad influence on the already ripened seeds, but not to the general fertility, that is, the ability to produce healthy sperm. However, he will you have a child with your partner, then you should better do without in the fertility time on hot bathing, regular saunas, heated seats in the car and the like.

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