The 7 best New Year customs from around the world

Whether Bleigießen, fireworks or sit comfortably with the family - New Year's Eve each has its own traditions. The most exciting and beautiful habits of the world, we have gathered here for you. Which of these do you do?

1. Red Underwear

This custom is known in many countries. Especially Italian believe that red underwear is mandatory for the happy new year - which is to bring good luck and success, and of course make sure that the love is not neglected in the new year.

2. For each stroke of a grape

In Spain is eaten at each stroke of midnight, a grape. At the 12th strike before wish all a Happy New Year, all varieties must be eaten - for good luck.

3. blows bring happiness

With congratulations and a branch, the children go to Bulgaria from house to house and wish all with a few blows to the back of wealth and health.

4. Breakup with old things

In Argentina cut New Year's Eve traditionally old papers and documents in small snippets and thrown out the window. This should all start free of old burdens into the new year.

5. Do not fly happiness

With the exception of some Rhinelander it avoid many German Poultry to eat on New Years Eve and New Year because the won luck then immediately fly away.

say 6. The future before

The traditional pouring of lead comes from originally Czech Republic. There, an apple is cut open and New Year's Eve every year: Is the star-shaped core brings happiness when it is cross-shaped, you should be careful next year.

7. From the casino

In Greece is gambled on New Years Eve. Card and dice games are organized but not only in casinos, but also at home. From New Year's Eve night until into the New Year immigrated here the money on the table. Who has no luck in the game, it was then in the new year, perhaps in love.

Can you think of another New Year's customs, which you celebrate every year? Then they let us in the comments! Whatever you celebrate, we wish you our your family a wonderful celebration!

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