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Children's feet are very sensitive and need some funding and support. So you're not making mistakes, you should first understand the anatomy and the development of small children's feet. To help you, we want to give you an overview.

Why do children's feet funding?

Our feet have throughout our lives unimaginably afford much. All three or four times they will go around the world and, while they have to carry our weight practically alone. Since it is not surprising that children's feet already had to accomplish high performance. When hop, jump and run them lift a multiple of body weight. Therefore, children's feet also need the appropriate funding and support, for example by foot exercises so that they can carry your child for a lifetime and then there is no problem.

Display Beautiful shoes for little ones

Blue children's shoeThe proper development of children's feet is very important. Deformities caused by wrong shoes, are difficult to improve in the course of development. To child your to provide the best possible basis, we recommend you run the learners of elephants.

Children's feet - marvel of anatomy

First, you should look at the anatomy and the development of the feet of your child you once. Only then you can take the right measures that are necessary for healthy development. But the baby foot consists of 28 bones, 107 ligaments, muscles 19 and numerous joints and tendons securing the mobility of the foot. Children's feet grow by the way much faster than other body parts such as arms or legs, like us Dr. Becker, orthopedics professor at Tuebingen Univertität in an interview said. A child's feet so actually grow up to two centimeters per year, which is about three shoe sizes.

Children's feet - a big jump from crawling to running

particularly fascinating is the time, in the Your baby from a quadruped to a biped, begins thus to run. This stage is very tiring. Because before your child can walk properly, must develop the musculoskeletal system at first. For this reason, the end of the first or beginning of the second year, the legs, but heavy load on the spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle especially the feet of your child. The whole body is changing in order to stand upright and walk to. That's pretty hard work.

Children feet of girls are always one step ahead

The feet are in the growth always one step ahead of the other body parts such as hands or arms. With about two years, the feet of a girl are already half as long as they will be again in adulthood. In boys, this is the case only after two and a half years. Up to 20 millimeters a year, the small children's feet in shoot length, in boys, however, slightly slower than in girls. Even in infancy, about four years old, the child's foot has nothing in common with the Säuglingsfuß. The fact that the longitudinal and transverse arch is trained and the big toe is clearly separated from the outer bale foot already resembles now very that of an adult.

Active children's feet are stable children's feet

they are a rule of thumb says, are the more active children's feet used, the more stable. Especially good for the child thine is the barefoot running, but sometimes is not possible in our colder latitudes. All the more important, therefore, is not additionally constrict the feet of your child, such as by inappropriate footwear.

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