The Puky 12 inches children’s bike

We provide you the Puky 12 inches children's bike in front. Learn here about what features the lightweight 12-inch aluminum wheel has next to a child-friendly brake.

The Puky 12 inches at a glance

The small 12 inches children's bike Puky ZL 12-1 ALU is available in color kiwi in the blue Soccer design, the purple lilac design or easy. The impact-resistant powder coating forgives minor accidents. The game bike for novice drivers weighs with its lightweight aluminum frame, without training wheels, just 7.9 kg. It is ideal for children from the age of three and a height of 95 cm.

Features of Puky 12 inches children's bike

  • stand: The small bicycle the Puky can be placed 12 inches children's bike always safe without it must be leaned against a wall or placed on the floor. This significantly increases the service life of the bike.
  • entry: The small Puky 12 inches children's bike has a low entry. This ensures an easy and safe getting on and off for your offspring.
  • Training wheels: Not only the low access, but also the training wheels allow a secure feeling for small novice drivers.
  • Brake: The Puky 12 inches children's bike is not only equipped with a child-friendly handbrake, but also has a coaster brake. Your child can thus operate the resignation even in hectic situations easy. In particular, for the smallest new drivers it is difficult to apply enough force to bring the children's bike quickly with the hand brake to a halt.
  • handlebar: The Puky 12 inches children's bike has a handlebar padding and non-slip safety handles.
  • Bicycle bell: So that your child can draw attention to themselves on the sidewalk, the lightweight aluminum bike has a bell. Your offspring can easily reach with his fingers without having to take your hands off the handlebars.
  • Chain protection: In order for the child of your clothing is not soiled by the grease of the chain or the pants caught in the chain cover plastic encloses the entire bicycle chain.
  • Lighting: The Puky 12 inches children's bike has a white front light, a red back light. In addition, two yellow reflectors mounted on both pedals and make sure that your child can also be seen at dusk.

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The Puky 12 inches children's bike was tested by TÜV

The Puky 12 inches children's bike by submitting additional information with the GS mark for "tested safety". This mark indicates that independent testing that the child's bicycle according to the latest safety regulations.

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