The stroller test winner by Stiftung Warentest

Stiftung Warentest tested 2,017 different models of strollers - we show you the stroller winner. A total of 12 strollers were tested - it cut three models with the touch "Good" from. Find out here what strollers are recommended by Stiftung Warentest and which are not.

The stroller test winners and losers at a glance

In this article we give you an overview of the stroller test winner by Stiftung Warentest in 2017 - and thus offer parents a first orientation in the huge selection on the stroller market.

A total of 12 different stroller models were tested. Stiftung Warentest tested the stroller according to the following criteria: child-friendly design, handling, durability, safety and pollutants.

Three models go as the clear winner from the test out: Britax "Go Big", ABC Design model "Condor 4" and Joolz "Go Earth" were given by the examiners rated "good". Another five strollers were classified up in midfield with the grades "satisfactory", "adequate". will emerge as losers of four models, including the model "Capri" from the brand climbers. In terms of durability, the independent testing drew all models with a grade of "very good".

Here we show you how the stroller have cut at Stiftung Warentest in detail.

The stroller test winner

Stiftung Warentest has named three strollers test winner - here we show you the three big winners:

1st place

Britax "Go Big"

The first place makes the Model "Go Big" of the Britax brand with a grade of "good" (2.1). The model is suitable for children up to 3.5 years. Among the tested car was the only model that a good carrying case and a good child seat has. In addition, the three-way adjustable strap system can be perfectly adapted to the size of the child. In the categories of use and pollutant he is rated as "good". With this model, parents are perfectly equipped for driving on different surfaces. Also, the height-adjustable push handle makes pushing for grandma and the siblings super pleasant.

Only in point security he got a little touch trigger ( "satisfactory"), as Stiftung Warentest criticism that the stroller in the dark was difficult to see.

2nd place

ABC Design "Condor 4"

The stroller manufacturer ABC Design misses the first place scarce. With a grade of "good" (2.2) but it can be seen quite well. The stroller cuts equally well off as the stroller winner Britax "Go Big". seen in the price-performance ratio, however, he is the true winner.

The stroller is particularly impressive in the points: safety, handling and pollutants. Of the ABC Design "Condor 4" has a comfortable carrying case and delighted the auditors by a very good suspension of the car and its excellent brakes.

In the category of child-friendly design, however, the assessment differs strongly than the winner.

The model "Condor 4" ABC Design you can find for example here.

3rd place

Joolz "Geo Earth"

Also still to be found on the podium: the stroller of Joolz "Geo Earth". Third place he also assigned a rating of "good" (2.4). In terms of handling, safety and pollutants it can easily keep up with the stroller winner. The Joolz "Geo Earth" is characterized by its long carrying case, making it accommodates children aged up to ten months.

however, the testers noticed negatively that the seat angle can not be changed. Only the seat tilts: the legs are positioned higher than the trunk.

Strollers Award winner in the comparison - the mediocre results

The following five strollers received only a mediocre result of the examiners of Stiftung Warentest. They reached the grades of "satisfactory" to "sufficient":

Moon "Nuova City"

"Satisfactory" with a score of (2.7), the Moon "Nuova City" rated. He can score in the categories of use, safety and pollutants. The slider is easily adjusted - and is therefore well adapted for large parents.

Criticism expressed the examiners of Stiftung Warentest regarding the carrying case that fails relatively short. Big kids would find this only until the fifth month course. A transportation lock is present, but is referred to by the laboratory as "impractical".

Joie "Chrome DLX"

Also with an overall rating of "satisfactory" (3.2), the Joie "Chrome DLX" graded. To use and child-friendly design it can absolutely compete with the stroller winner Britax "Go big". The up-and-folding and wearing reviewed the auditors best of all twelve tested stroller. Even large parents will take pleasure in this car, because the slide can be adjusted in height.

In the category of pollutants, however, the model performed poorly: the rain cover there were increased amounts of harmful and environmentally hazardous substance naphthalene. But another plus: The carrying case is quite long and can be used until the age of nine months for children.

On this page you can find the "Chrome DLX" by Joie.

Hauck "Maxan 4 Trio Set"

In midfield, there is also the stroller of Hauck "Maxan 4 Trio Set". This was graded "sufficient" with a score of (4.0). In terms of handling, the model of Hauck brand cut off even with the grade "good" (2.0). It is easy to fold and open. Also, the slider is practically designed and is suitable for large master set. The stroller can be cleaned overall very simple. Negative was the testers on the other hand, that the carrier bag is quite short. It is estimated that big kids find only to five months in this place. But an added plus: a car seat comes with the stroller.

Here you can order directly model "Maxan 4 Plus Trio Set" Hauck.

Osann "Pep"

The Company Osann with their model "Pep" is also evaluated by Stiftung Warentest with a "sufficient" (4.0). The issues of safety and handling can convince the testing agency. is criticized especially the category child-friendly design - the seat angle can not be changed and the reference of the stroller can be difficult to clean. In addition, the slide height is quite low with only 102 cm. Overall, only a moderate judgment of the tester Osanns "Pep".

The pram "Pep" of Osann you can find for example here.

Natural Child "Varius Pro"

The model "Varius Pro" natural child merely as "sufficient" with a score of (4.0). In the categories of child-friendly design and pollutants he can score. In the latter Stiftung Warentest awarded even the "very good" (1.0). The stroller is suitable for a variety of substrates. In addition, the carrying case is so long that children's best friend to nine months in space.

In the category of security, however, he disappointed the testers. Only a "sufficient" (4.5) reached the child of nature "Varius Pro". The independent audit criticized the fact that the seat can tilt slightly. The child could be injured as a result. Even the sun deck of the car disappointed. In maximum folded forward position, it can restrict the airflow of the child.

Rating: "unsatisfactory"

The stroller Bugaboo "Buffalo", Teutonia Model "Bliss", Mountaineers "Capri" and Knorr-Baby "Noxxter" Rated Stiftung Warentest all with a grade of "poor". All four models were unconvincing in practice test.

The models were significantly deficient, especially in the category pollutants. In the stroller "Buffalo" Bugaboo, the auditors found clear traces of the flame retardant TDCPP, a substance which is suspected of causing cancer. The other three models were not free of harmful chemicals.

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