This change in the child support you should know so you it will continue to get

Around the child benefit a lot has happened: As the Federal Central Tax Office notifies parent and child must now submit their tax identification numbers until 01 January 2016, the family budget. The most important information for this decision can be found here.

From the birth of your child you have a primary care entitled to child benefit. By the age of 18, the child allowance is paid every month to you, but also for older children you can, under certain conditions, assert a claim for child support. So you can continue to back up this claim you, there is now to be considered a great innovation.

As the Federal Agency for taxes announced that it is now necessary 01 January 2016, the Family Fund's own tax identification number and tax identification number of the child required. Double payments will in future be excluded by this new procedure because each child may only be ordered from an instance of child support.

At this point, we have listed the most important questions for you:

Who is affected by this new regulation at all?

This rule applies to all Families who plan to use their right to child benefit claims, as well as those that address it currently and will continue to want to relate. The only exceptions are families who have already notified their tax identification numbers of the family budget.

How fast should I submit the tax identification numbers?

The tax identification numbers should be submitted as soon as possible the family budget. Since this must be done for privacy reasons in writing and may not happen by phone or e-mail, there may be delays, which should be taken into account in advance.

How can I tell my family fund the tax identification numbers?

Since here too data protection reasons play a large role, unfortunately, you can not phone or enter e-mail the tax identification number. Set instead a letter and send it to the appropriate family insurance fund.

What happens if I mean not derive tax identification numbers to the family budget?

If by the end of 2016 no tax identification number in the family budget be received, it is required by law to release the child support payment on January 1, 2017 and reclaim the child benefit from January 2016 paid. Your entitlement to child benefit so expires. Be therefore on the safe side and take care of you in due time all the paperwork.

Where can I get the tax identification number from me and my child?

The tax identification number of you and your child you can find in the respective notification letter from the Federal Central Tax Office, which was delivered to all 2008 that were recognized with main residence or sole residence in a population register in Germany or are taxable. Your tax identification number you can find also on the electronic employment tax statement of your employer or in your income tax bill.

I do not think the tax identification numbers. What do I have to do?

On the website of the Federal Central Tax Office you can ask per entry form to send us your number. Note also that it can be sent to you only by mail due to data protection regulations.

Should not concern yourself any further questions, you can find more information on the side of the Federal Agency for taxes.

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