Toe broken or sprained: So you recognize it

Especially in the summer it happened quickly: You're running barefoot, slips and collides with the small toe on a stone. Often a collision with a piece of furniture in the home Bedroom blame. The result is a sprained or broken toe.

Toe broken or sprained: So you notice a violation

Most ready to go back to normal when you have pushed out the toe after a few minutes. If you have you sprained his toe while or broken, you will quickly notice the fact that you still can not painless occur with the foot even after some time.

Fracture, sprain or bruise?

With an open fracture, emerge in which parts of the bone from the wound, you have to see a doctor immediately in any case. In the case of a closed fracture, it is not always visible from the outside whether a bone fracture, sprain or a bruise present. While with a bruised toe only small veins are injured, in case of a sprain a joint is overstretched or prevented. A bruise or swelling on toe may indicate each of these three injuries. If you want to make sure, if the toe is broken or verstauch, you have to examine this from the doctor and x-rayed. This is already recommended as the only way to correct treatment of the injury is guaranteed.

The following symptoms indicate a fracture:

  • The toe is abnormally twisted.
  • You can not move the toe.
  • You hear the clash rubbing of the bones.

That you can do

No matter whether your toe or not broken, do you do in any case something wrong when you hochlagerst the foot while waiting at the doctor and kühlst. The doctor will probably depending on the violation fix the toe with a tape. Then there is spare and wait. The healing may take several weeks to months, depending on the violation.

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