Too little milk during breastfeeding

A large NetMoms survey showed that around 40 percent of breastfeeding mothers had problems with the fact that their milk was not enough. This problem is the most common reason for premature weaning supplementation and. It can produce enough milk almost every mother for twins. Here you can find out how it comes in too low milk production and what you can do about it.

Sometimes it may happen that a mother has enough milk and her baby is not satisfied simply by breastfeeding. In fact, it is so that most mothers eventually ask if they produce enough milk - especially if they have just started with breastfeeding. What they do not know is a real lack of breast milk is very rare. Many women believe that they have enough milk, even though they actually produce enough milk. Thus, in a large NetMoms gave survey of more than 1,000 mothers about 40 percent said they had problems with lack of milk during breastfeeding.

Doubts may occur if the milk ejection is not particularly strong or if no excess milk stops dripping from the breasts. However, this is no cause for concern. Some babies are, for example, while drinking more efficient and faster finish, resulting in the erroneous belief of the mothers that they do not have enough milk.
the fact is: Only 2 percent of all mothers can not produce enough milk really.

As there is less milk?

  • Art of BreastfeedingThe most common reason for lack of milk is the kind of breast-feeding and not bad milk production. Thus, a false arrest technology mean that the baby is not getting enough milk.
  • inflamed nipples may be one reason that mothers irregular breastfeeding. For this reason, it may temporarily lead to less milk.
  • regular sleep the baby, also leads to irregular production because breastfeeding is interrupted several times.
  • Perhaps also a Still bad routine, stress, illness or injury to blame for the irregular milk production. In some women, the reason for a low milk supply and biological or physical nature - as hormonal imbalances or a previous breast surgery may affect breastfeeding.

AnzeigeSo it works with breastfeeding

book breastfeedingMake it work with breastfeeding, we recommend you to Still guidebook "BREAST: Sensitive support through all stages of lactation". The book answers the most common questions you and gives tips and suggestions on breastfeeding and your baby.

Your baby gets enough milk?

First of all, you should exclude false alarms: If you can answer the following questions with "yes", so your baby gets probably enough food. This then also means that you produce enough milk.

  • Your baby wets about five to eight diapers a day?
  • Taking your baby within the first three to four months at least 115 to 230 grams per week and at least 450 grams per month to gain weight? At least 85 to 140 grams per week within the fourth to sixth month? At least 40 to 85 grams per week within months six to twelve?
  • You put your baby regularly to the chest - every two to three hours and a total of at least eight to twelve times a day?
  • Do you hear your baby swallow and sometimes can see milk in his mouth?
  • Your baby has a healthy appetite?

What can you do to boost milk production?

As part of our survey, the mothers surveyed also indicated what they would recommend to fix problems with too little milk. Here you can find out which methods are particularly popular with our NetMoms:

More often silent (74%): Breastfeeding is governed by the law of supply and demand. The more often you are breastfeeding, the more milk is formed. Silence Your baby so as often and long as it wants and every time offer to both breasts. This method also recommend 74 percent of mothers surveyed by us.

Stilltee (63%): Special Stilltees can boost too little milk, the milk production. They often contain herbs such as anise, fennel or caraway. 63 percent of mothers said in our survey that they consider the use of Stilltees for recommended.

Malt (37%): Recommend 37 percent of mothers surveyed by us to drink root beer too little milk, since this one lactating effect is reputed. Although this effect is not scientifically proven as adequate hydration for milk production is, however, very important, additional drinks can not hurt too little milk.

Warm towels (18%): Heat stimulates blood circulation. As with good blood flow and milk production improved, suggest 18 percent of NetMoms we surveyed the use of warm towels too little milk. They can simply be soaked in warm water and applied to the chest before breast-feeding.

Still oil (11%): Still oil is usually based on a base of almond oil and also contains several herbs that will stimulate circulation breast and milk production. In our survey, 11 percent of mothers said that they consider the use of oil Still too little milk for recommended.

More tips too little milk

  • Put your baby to the breast and eighth right to the Still position.
  • Your baby should be slower in sucking and swallowing, then switch the chest. Repeat the Change to other breast, until your baby happy and drank enough.
  • Give your baby only breast milk and Avoid any breast milk substitutes. This would just make sure that your baby does not drink as much of your breast as it actually could.
  • The Play with your feet helps during breastfeeding, keeping the baby awake and so as not to interrupt the flow of milk.
  • Pay attention to your own need for Rest and relaxation. Breathing and relaxation exercises, massages, a hot shower, a foot bath, a warm drink and music to create a pleasant atmosphere. Organize extra support and relief for the budget in order not to be under stress. Because breastfeeding needs a lot of rest and time.
  • search Help and encouragement in other nursing mothers, friends or in a lactation group.

You should be confident that you can increase your milk production with the proper handling at will above all. Important: If you have a really long time to feel that you are producing milk is not enough, you should advise you with your midwife and maybe see a doctor.

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