Top 10 children’s series – 2011

About 2,200 mothers have voted and awarded the most popular children's series. was voted in two different age groups, so that there is something for big and small.

Top 10 children's series 3 - 5 years

Winner: The Sandman

The Sandman DVD.In the children's series for the very young, another absolute classic prevailed: The Sandman. It is absolutely child-friendly and entertaining and so, despite currently low presence on television, a perfect ritual before bedtime.

  • 1st place: The Sandman
  • 2nd place: Caillou
  • 3rd place: The mouse
  • 4th place: Laura's Star
  • 5th place: Micky Maus Clubhouse
  • Seat 6: KiKANiNCHEN
  • 7th place: Little Red Tractor
  • Seat 8: Benjamin the Elephant
  • Seat 9: Bob the Builder
  • Place 10: Timmy

Top 10 children's series from 6 years

Winner: Pettersson and Findus

The Pettersson and Findus DVD.Pettersson and Findus has become one of the modern classics in the animated children's series. The old Petersson experienced many exciting adventures with his cat Findus. For the series the book illustrations by Sven Nordqvist were implemented faithfully.

  • 1st place: Petersson and Findus
  • No. 2: What's What
  • 3rd place: Benjamin the Elephant
  • 4th place: The Penguins of Madagascar
  • 5th place: Tom & Jerry
  • Seat 6: Bibi and Tina
  • 7th place: Jim Knopf
  • Seat 8: SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Seat 9: Cosmo and Wanda
  • Square 10: House of Anubis

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