Toss with matches

A great guessing game for 3 to 4 children over 5 years. The children have to guess how many matches there are in total in his hands.

Older: from 5 years

Number: 3 to 4 players

You need this: for each child 3 matches

Toss with matches - how it works

The children sit around a table. Each child gets three matches, which then hide the child in a hand under the table. The children take their "playing hand" one, two or three matches, the remaining matches to hide the children in her hand under the table. Now every child estimates how many matches in total in the game hands are on the table. Each number can be called only once. After all the children have estimated the numbers, the children open their hands and count on how many matches there actually are. The child who has correctly estimated, receives from any other child a match as prey. The game ends when a child has no more matches. The winner is the child with the most matches.

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