transported back 16 of the 90 toys that ANY woman in her childhood

If you are in the 90s grew up as a girl, your shelf was crammed with a variety of toys in a variety of pink tones. In the Worten Polly Pocket, Popples and Puppy Surprise is still your heart rate increases? Then you put the following toys guaranteed to return to the golden age of your innocent childhood.

1. Keypers

A colorful creatures with silky mane, in whose belly a lockable secret compartment hides. Sounds bizarre? It is. But you did not care, you had to have it easy!

Tortue et cygne #keypers #vintagetoys

2. clack Bracelets

We spent hours trying to get the annoying, noisy things snap around our wrists - and thus probably driven many a teacher crazy.


3. Baby Born

THE revolution in dolls. Depending on the features your Baby Born could drink from a bottle, eat a being agitated with water porridge powder and even make it into the diaper. Madness!

ВНИМАНИЕ! АКЦИЯ! Друзья, в магазине игрушек DISNEY акция: купите любой товар из серии или Baby Born Baby Annabell и получите СКИДКУ 50% на второй товар из этой серии! Галерея "Вояж", 3 этаж #disney # игрушки #babyborn #babyannabell акция # # # скидки магазинигрушек вседлядетей # # # дети #instatyumen #tmn #instatmn тюмень тмн # # # инстатюмень вояж

4. Dream Phone

You wanted nothing more than this game. How else You should find out who your true stunner? A pity that the thing was outrageously expensive - and your parents refused steadfastly to give it to you.

by ringing times just for Mr. Right # 90 #oldbutgold #wantthis #love #mrright # goes just overdid left #liebe #picoftheday #instagood #fun #cologne #girls #goodlife # kinderder90er #lucky #potd #powergirls #positive #habenwill #telefon #traumtelefon # wernichtwillderhatschon #great #love

5. Pacifier Trailer

If you were a passionate collector, you're probably not passed even the colorful pacifiers. Whether at school pencil case, a bracelet or pendant, it has always been only one thing: The more, the better.


6. Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids can not buy, we adopted her for life. It will even have given adults who took these marketing ploy a bit too seriously, adopted a number of dolls and they called their "babies" - creepy!

Love this Picture

7th time templates

Why free hand drawing, if you could also use templates? Even the biggest Grobmotoriker could thanks to the colorful plastic templates art à la Van Gogh and Rembrandt create - hach, the good old days!

Plastic stencils - I remember making stuff with thesis When I was younger #Tupperware #Tuppertoys #artsupplies #kidscrafts

8. Kinder leaves

They came in countless variations: with and without scent, in different sizes, with different motives and some of them even with glitter! Dedicated collectors had thick folder full of carefully cultivated with different leaves and filed in sheet protectors.

Quand on range le grenier des parents voila ce qu'on retrouve ma collection de Kinder? #diddl #collection

9. Polly Pocket

This small little house had everything you needed to be happy. You could spend hours trying to move the dolls in their little world back and forth door and to work for and great stories to conceive.


10. Popples

Popples had a sack in the back. Stuck to the entire soft toy in this sack, had a fluffy ball Sounds pointless -. It was. Nevertheless, you have time and time again spent minutes trying to stuff the entire animal in her bag - only to have it then to turn back to the right.

#happymail #popples the "last" one is here! , Now to start a #pufflings collection ...

11. The fishing game

Once they had turned the game, grabbed the mouths of fish, accompanied by mechanical noise, monotonous and shut. Still, it was nearly impossible to get the little buggers to the Angel. All the greater was the satisfaction, if you had done it then but times.


12. My Little Pony

Small colorful ponies with silky mane, glitter and hearts. You have to to say more?

Petite licorne "cocoa" in 1987 #mlp # mlpg1 #monpetitponey #mylittlepony

13. Puppy Surprise

A stuffed animal with zipper on the belly from which a previously unknown amount of baby "slipped". Whether three, four or five young kittens or puppies - You knew it only when you had bought the thing. was greater then the disappointment when it was only three.

!!!!!!! Puppy surprise !!!! Wonder if id get more than 2 after all these years .... #puppysurprise #nopuppiesforyou # 90sgirl

14. Hollywood Hair Barbie

Unbelievable, what you could do with the flowing mane of Hollywood Hair Barbie. With a spray could be dyed pink hair strands whole and with the help of templates even star or heart pattern spray into the hair.


15. Casts Role

They were small, naked and had motley Föhnfrisuren (?!) - which conjures role. Did you have even one with rhinestone belly button, were you the absolute King!


16. Tamagotchi

You've cherished it, fed, executed and cleaned and and - of course all just virtual. However, it usually has taken away your little friend after a short time. Good thing there was a trick to restart the device and to awaken the Tamagotchi back to life ;-).

She's so cute

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