U7a investigation

Shortly before the third birthday of your child's U7a is performed. This additional health check is financed by all health insurance since July 1, 2008 and is the gap between U7 and U8 close. Here you can find out more about process and focus of U7a.

Your child is at the time of U7a investigation about three years old. The U7 now goes back about a year and U8 will be held shortly before the fourth birthday - a relatively long period, now the U7a was introduced as an additional health check in. Do not forget to take the yellow precautionary folder where all results are noted.

What is being tested in the U7a investigation?

Even with the U7a the doctor pays special attention to the motor and language development of your child. When your child might not still be some things you need to do not worry. The "guidelines" for child development are only guidelines.

As part of the U7a also an eye screening is often done either by the pediatrician or at one ophthalmologist. Otherwise, your child will only be re-examined from head to toe to make sure that it is healthy around:

  • Height and weight: Your child is measured and weighed.
  • Cardiovascular System: The small heart should beat about 70 to 120 times a minute. Even after striking a heart murmur is sought.
  • Skin: The doctor is looking at texture and color of the skin carefully and check whether pigment disorders or inflammatory lesions are present.
  • (Sex) organs: The doctor scans the abdomen spleen and liver, and also examines the sexual organs.
  • Skeletal, muscular and nervous system: The head circumference is measured. The pediatrician examined the spine and pelvic area to ensure no bad posture. Legs and feet are also examined for mistakes and you can get tips for buying shoes children out with him.

Small reminder to U7a

The U7a should no earlier than 33 and no later than the 38th month of life Your child will be performed. Otherwise, they will put you as so-called hedgehog power (individual health service) into account.

Display cover for the U-study papers

Personalized Filzhüllen for U Reconnaissance booksThe U-examinations are an exciting experience for every child. All the better if the U-Heft is nicely packaged. This handmade Covers can be embroidered for a boy or a girl with the name of each individual.

the motor skills

With playful activities, the pediatrician can verify that the gross and fine motor skills are age-appropriate development. Can it bounce, for example on one leg? Or balance on a straight line across the room? Can it put together simple puzzles and mastered already complex movements such as screws and turning?

How far the language development is in U7a investigation?

Many children are now able to build sets of three to five words. The debate is at this age often still vague, such as "Nude" instead of "pasta". The vocabulary will be reviewed by a standardized language test in U7a by the pediatrician, he will also take into account non-verbal communication. Especially so-called "late Speaker" or children who grow up in a multilingual household, for example, show through gestures that they understand a lot of things already, but can not express verbally.

When U7a study the sensory organs are reviewed

All the senses of your child are thoroughly tested. Even in the U7a a separate eye test can be made. The eye test is performed either by a pediatrician myself, but you can also ask him for a referral to an ophthalmologist. The investigation is there something more accurate and especially recommended mostly when frequent visual impairments occur in your family.

The doctor will check whether your child can see equally well with both eyes. developed as a fully vision holds about ten to twelve years. The sooner but mistakes and misalignments are detected, the greater the chance that they can be fully corrected.

Mouth breathing

When U7a the pediatrician listens to the lungs makes unusual noise and checks whether your child is breathing regularly. is also important to know if it largely inhaled through the nose or mouth.

When your child gets sick through the nose air can lie to swollen adenoids, called polyps. The adenoids from reacting to infections in the nose and throat area that occur at this age often. But genetic factors play a role in enlarged adenoids. So if you suffer even under polyps, you should make sure whether your child opens the mouth breathing, snoring at night often and enough sleep to wake up.

Breathing through the nose, the air is moistened and filtered. In this way germs harder to get it into the organism. Breathing through the mouth falls that away and increases the risk of, for example, bronchial type infection. Also going swollen adenoids often with middle ear infections associated since the middle ear is no longer adequately ventilated by the swelling and fluid accumulate and germs.

With severe symptoms, the problem with the polyps fortunately by medication or a minor surgical procedure can be created quickly from the world. If rare discomfort you the doctor may also recommend to just wait until the polyp itself subside again.

Dental examination in the investigation U7a

Last but not least, the pediatrician will also look at the baby teeth more accurate in U7a whether they are free from caries and no tooth or jaw deformities. Here you can inform you about proper dental care in young children and how to best convince your child by brushing. If you have any further questions to the pediatrician otherwise, is the next screening, the U8, at first in a year.

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