Washer will not drain: That can mean

The washing machine does not drain, in the drum the water and your favorite clothes are machine? So you can itself help you! T

Help, the washing machine does not drain! All homemakers know the problem. The causes can be varied, most can fix you yourself. come as causes for a non abpumpende washing machine being:

  • clogged lint filter
  • clogged drain hose
  • clogged siphon
  • clogged Ablaufkrümmer
  • Foreign bodies in the pump
  • defective drain pump.

Before you log on begibst troubleshooting, first the water must be drained from the machine. Most machines have a drain hose next to the lint screen. If the water level in the machine, however, too low, here comes no more water, although still which is in the machine. To prevent flooding, you can make a baking sheet prior to the washing machine to catch leaking water under respectively. Also consider ready plaster and towels and a bucket. Now you can unscrew carefully collect the water and clean the lint trap the lint screen. In most cases a dirty lint filter is responsible for the fact that the machine does not empty. Regular cleaning of the lint filter will save you the tedious procedure of the water draining.

Washer will not drain - other causes

If the lint filter is clean or cleaned and the machine still does not empty, you can take they are buying the pump. Sometimes it create small objects through the lint into the impeller of the pump and block it. Light with a flashlight on the impeller and look, whether an object has hooked. In finding a foreign body You have to gently clean the area. If you find any mistakes here, the drain hose may be clogged. Take the drain hose from the washing machine to siphon off and check it for clogging. Is also here to find no constipation, you must next check the trap, because it can become clogged. Now, if the pump still does not work, the error in Ablaufkrümmer or at the pump can be themselves. For both of these problems you need to eliminate some manual dexterity. To get to the Ablaufkrümmer, you have your machine depending on the model disassemble anything. Even a broken drain pump can be removed and replaced.

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