Water heater or under a desk: That you need to know

If there is no central hot water supply in your house, then the water must be warmed up directly in your apartment with a boiler. There are several options from water heater to under a desk and small memory. Do you imagine a few.

Water heater or under a desk: mainly low power consumption

No matter which device you choose: The boiler heats the water using electricity. Therefore, it is especially important that you are careful to purchase an energy-saving device.

Benefits of undercounter unit with small storage

A Untertischgerät is very compact and fits well under the sink or the sink. The capacity usually ranges from five to 15 liters. The advantage is that the warm water is stored in the container and is directly available so if you need it. The water heater other hand, heats the water only when needed. A so-called open retail store has an outlet through which the steam can escape, and will always be installed with a low-pressure fitting.

Benefits of a flow heater

As the name suggests, a water heater heats the water as it passes through. However, while the under-counter unit with water heater no hot water will come when the memory is once empty, the water heater can continue to provide hot water. In order for a water heater is suitable for rooms where you need lots of hot water at once, for example when showering. An alternative is a large wall memory with up to 150 liters. However, not everyone is still room for a large box in the bathroom.

Advantages of a small instantaneous water heater

Also water heater are available in a particularly small format as a desktop unit. This mini device is so small that it can easily be attached, for example, under the sink in the powder room. However, it is only suitable for single sink.

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