What does the vaccination card?

The vaccination certificate is an important document that provides an overview of already made vaccinations and noted which vaccinations are due. Learn here how do you get the vaccination certificate, which is entered accurately into it and when you have the vaccination record with you should.

What is the vaccination card?

When vaccination card is a small yellow book in which all vaccinations performed must be recorded by the attending physician. The official name is "International certificates of vaccination and vaccination record". The trilingual document is prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and valid because the standardized design abroad.

The international vaccination certificate has replaced the former white sheet ID card for some time. However, even these old version of vaccination certificate is still valid.

Display guide to vaccinations

Book recommendation for vaccination: From practice a pediatricianNo other subject is so controversial among parents as the theme vaccination. Is it necessary or just moneymaking? The guide "From practice a pediatrician" gives parents a guide and explains.

What is the vaccination card?

The Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) of the Robert Koch Institute has been recommending a number of basic vaccinations for young children. Since many of these recommended Immunsierungen be carried out in several partial vaccinations, it is often difficult for you as a parent to keep track of which remain outstanding vaccinations or when the next appointment is pending. Even in an emergency, for example when suspected acute tetanus after an injury, it is important to know quickly which vaccination is available.

The vaccination certificate is useful here because it gives you and the doctor a quick overview of what already exists and vaccinations while still needs to be vaccinated. So you can be sure that your child always has the best protection and prevent with you or your child a vaccination is done in duplicate.

Even with planned overseas travel vaccination certificate can be important. In some countries where mandatory vaccination against certain infectious diseases, such as yellow fever exists, the ID card with proof of appropriate immunization for entry is necessary.

Where did you get the vaccination card?

The vaccination certificate is free. You get him usually by your GP, but can alternatively him at a local health or request the German Green Cross.

In some cases, the vaccination certificate is also issued shortly after birth by the respective clinic because the child had to be vaccinated due to an acute threat of an infectious disease at birth. This is for example the case with a mostly transmitted by the mother, infection with hepatitis B or chickenpox.

At a loss of vaccination certificate you can you easily can issue a new vaccination certificate, for example, by your pediatrician. This has all vaccinations carried out additionally stored in the medical record and can easily create a duplicate of the lost vaccination certificate.

Understanding the vaccination certificate

The vaccination certificate is internationally standardized according to the guidelines of the WHO and contains the most important data on the existing immunization. So you can be sure that every doctor, even abroad, read the vaccination certificate and assess the progress of individual vaccines properly can.

On the cover of the vaccination certificate, the personal data of the owner are noted. This is especially useful for parents of several children, to rule out any confusion.

If the doctor performs a vaccination, it bears the following information in the vaccination record one:

  • Name against the vaccinated the disease: Some diseases are abbreviated with letters to facilitate the entry into the vaccination certificate. Within the recommended vaccination tetanus (T), diphtheria (D or d), pertussis (aP or ap), Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), polio (IPV), hepatitis B (HB) and measles, mumps and rubella ( MMR). Also, a combination of the individual abbreviations, such as in the multiple vaccination against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (DTaP or TdaP) is possible.
  • Date of vaccination: So you and your doctor can always track when, for example, a refresh of the respective vaccination is necessary.
  • Trade name of the vaccine as well as the so-called batch number: Should there be side effects associated with the vaccine can be accurately reproduced by which vaccine it was.
  • Name and address of Impfarztes, signature and stamp of the office or clinic: If it come to a change of doctor or a vaccination abroad on issues that do not arise from the vaccination card, can be reached so easily the doctor concerned.

In addition, other useful information can show up in the vaccination certificate. Falls, is indicated for example by a negligent doctor or an oversight, no evidence of a vaccination against a specific infectious disease in vaccinated animals, you're sure but to be vaccinated ever against the corresponding disease, a so-called antibody test can be performed. And it is noted on the basis of a blood test whether antibodies in the blood were sufficient and thus there is a vaccination. Unnecessary vaccinations can be avoided and the result of investigation for the future vaccination certificate be noted.

Passive vaccination vaccination certificate

For emergencies, where a rapid passive vaccination is necessary, data can be entered to chronic illness, allergies and other risks associated with vaccination in the vaccination card as well.

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