Where and when to apply for parental benefits?

Parental benefits you should early after birth your baby's request, but along with all the other formalities can be easy to lose track. Here you can find out where you need to submit your application, what deadlines you should consider and how long you can apply for parental allowance.

Where you can apply for parental benefits?

When you and your partner want to take parental allowance, you must each complete a written application to the family allowance office on site. A detailed list of addresses you can find on the website of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. The applications themselves you get at the corresponding parental allowance office, but now also keep many health insurance and maternity wards the necessary forms ready.

To the original application, a number of documents and documents that you need to submit are:

  • Birth certificate or birth certificate of the child
  • Proof of income the last 12 months
  • Certificate of health insurance for the purchase of maternity pay after birth
  • Certificate of employer contribution to maternity pay
  • Working time confirmation by the employer for part-time work or explanation on working, if you're self-employed

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When you can apply for parental benefits?

If you want to apply for parental benefits, you should keep in mind that the parental benefit is paid not by calendar month, but after months of life of the child. If your baby was born that August 15, the period is valid until September 14, the first month in which you can move into your parents' money. Since parental allowance will be paid retroactively for only three months of life, it is important that you take care early after birth it that the application with supporting documents to arrive at the parents' benefit office.

Parental allowance and parental leave

Parental allowance and parental leave must not be applied absolutely parallel. However, for most parents, it's nothing to do, as a prerequisite for entitlement to parental benefits are reduced working hours of 30 hours per week. Since you have seven weeks subscribe at your employer's maternity leave, it takes a little planning and luck to match parental allowance and parental leave optimally.

As long as you can apply for parental benefits?

Basically, you can apply for parental allowance for the first 12 months of life, your baby alone. Even though your partner for at least two months requested parents money, you can extend to 14 months the period. The so-called "partner months" are often referred to as "paternity leave" since the fathers, if at all, usually only claim to account for the minimum period.

A prerequisite for the partner months that the earnings of the partner by taking care of the child is actually diminished. If your partner has thus not previously worked, he may apply no partner months. Partner month by the way, not only the parents' benefit office, but also seven weeks in advance must be given to the employer.

Makes an exception lawmakers for single parents before, who can relate the partner the full 14 months of life independently. To do this you just have to prove that you have sole custody and the child primarily lives in your household. If your partner, for example because of a illness, can not care for the child alone, you also at parental benefits for 14 months of life. Important here is a medical certificate or similar as proof.

Influence of maternity benefits

Maternity benefits include maternity benefit of the health insurance, the employer contribution to maternity pay and remuneration for civil while the mother protection period.
Months in which you take maternity benefits to complete, is offset against the parental allowance. The reason is that maternity benefits serve a similar purpose as the parental allowance. So two months maternity leave you to a maximum of 10, as a single parent claiming 12 real family allowance months.
More information about how the respect of other benefits affects parental benefits, you can find in our article "parental benefits and unemployment benefits?".

How you distribute parental allowance months best?

Think about together with your partner, the period for which you want to apply for each parental benefits:

Flexible layout: You do not take on a piece to complete the parental allowance payments. It is possible for example, that you first take over to third and seventh to fourteenth month of life, while your partner between them during the break to stay at home.

Simultaneous reference: If your same concerns parental allowance, the period of course reduced accordingly. Suppose that both parents want the same claim parental benefits for the entire period. Then they receive each month double covers, but only seven instead of fourteen months of life long.

Extended payment period: If desired, you can let you pay only half the amount every month. Thus, the period of parental benefit from 12 to 24 or with partners months, from 14 to 28 months of life. Doubled Conditions such as reduced hours, then apply only to the first 14 months of life your baby. Then you can go back to work as normal and get, in addition to your salary, paid monthly half a set of parental benefits.

For specific questions, the authorities you can surely help you on site. But much more information on parental allowance and parental leave you can find also with us, for example, about how You calculate the amount of parental benefit in advance.

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