Why Folate and folic acid are important before pregnancy

When you and your partner is planning to have a child, then you should definitely early start to supply enough folate your body. What is your need for folate, as you can cover it and why the vitamin before and during pregnancy is so important for you, you can read here.

If you want to get pregnant, then you should try to create optimal conditions for the soon growing in your belly life even before conception. This feature involves the healthy and responsible lifestyle that adequate intake of folate is essential.

Why is folate important?

At the beginning of pregnancy slowly developed a person from the single egg cell with over 100 billion cells. The structure is formed already in the second to third week of embryonic development, on the later central nervous system of your child based. The intake of folate is important for the healthy development of your baby.

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Folic acid before pregnancy: Yes or no?

Since many mothers do not even know the first few weeks after conception that they are pregnant, it is advantageous that you deliberately so begin even before conception to increase your intake of folate. Only so if you plan early, you can ensure that your child is supplied from the start with the essential B vitamin. The best you increase your folate intake starting from the date on which you settle the pill.

How much folate you need?

According to the guidelines of the German Society for Nutrition (DGE) of the daily requirement is due to folate through diet in adults and adolescents with about 400 micrograms. During pregnancy, the need increases by 50%, so you need about 600 micrograms per day during this period. Since the body unfortunately can not produce folate, you have to try to cover your needs using your diet.

What foods contain folate?

Folate is located mainly in the liver and green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli or Brussels sprouts. But cauliflower, egg yolk, asparagus, legumes and whole grains are good Folatlieferanten. The fruit oranges, bananas and mangos are especially rich. simply rummage times in our nutrient-rich recipes for fertility time. In compiling we paid attention mainly on folathaltige foods.

What to look for cooking?

Folate is very sensitive, which is why you should consider some things when preparing a meal. Cook with fresh ingredients, as long-term storage can reduce the folate content of a food best. In addition, folate is highly water soluble and heat-sensitive, so you should pay attention to a careful preparation. To use as much of the folate found in food record, it is recommended to take suitable products raw to you.

Are folic acid supplements necessary?

Since folate is so sensitive, it is hardly possible to meet daily requirements alone naturally. To cover the amount needed exclusively through food, you'd have to eat every day, for example, about 16 oranges. Special folic acid supplements are therefore strongly recommended to build up the folate levels and to keep it constant, thus ensuring optimal care of your child.

In addition, you should keep with your gynecologist before taking consultation.

Thus: The additional supply of folic acid during pregnancy is important for the healthy development of your child. Therefore you should begin to consciously raise your folate even before conception. Folic acid supplements are here a great way to ensure an adequate supply. However, it should also be clear that such preparations should always only be a complement to a healthy diet, not a substitute.

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