Window Mural Engel

This little angel embellished each window. The window image Angel with the classic Christmas motif you can quickly and easily tinker with child your.

Older: from 4 years
You need this: white cardstock, yellow and flesh-colored construction paper, black and red felt-tip pen, glue, scissors, sharp object, yarn

Craft Template

To keep your tinkering Angel yet, can you download the template here as a PDF file.

»Download template 1 Now

»Download template 2 Now

Instructions for making the window image Angel

  • Your child carries out the templates. The ring transmits your child twice on the white Photo Paper, the angel again. The hair transmits your child twice on the yellow construction paper. The face is transmitted twice and hands four times on the skin-colored construction paper.
  • Now your child cut out the shapes.
  • Now your child glue the hair, the face and the hands, depending on one side of the angels body.
  • Then your child sticks the angel firmly against the protruding ends on the first white photo cardboard ring. Now your child glued to the second ring to the first.
  • Finally, you drill with the pointed object above a hole through the window frame. This then you pull the thread on which the window picture is hung.

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