Young growth chart (2-19 years)

The growth of boys and girls running different. With these tables we have put together for you, you can figure out how the normal growth of boys from the age runs until puberty.

Growth control at U-examinations

The growth of a boy, as in Germany checks the growth of girls regularly by a pediatrician at the U-examinations. The current height of a child is measured and entered in the table provided in the yellow Memory books, so that the course of growth over a longer period can be observed. In the illustrated below standard curves you can find the compiled by the World Health Organization reference values ​​for the growth development of a boy for all age groups from 2 to 19 years.

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Growth forecast: How big is my boy?

This graphic is the growth of boys from up to her 19th birthday. the growth of a boy usually extends along a curve that is parallel to the middle curve. This can provide a forecast of how big a boy is expected to the pediatrician.

Growth development of boys (2-5 years)

Growth boys: 2 to 5 years

Growth developing boys (5-19 years)

Growth boys 5 to 19 years

How are the percentiles read?

In the diagrams the size of your Son with the standard values, percentiles may be mentioned, are compared. If the growth curve of your son approximately follows the course of the middle curve, this means that 50 percent of other boys are larger, 50 percent smaller. If the size and growth of your Son closer to the 97th percentile, this, however, means that only 3 percent of boys more than 97 percent smaller. Is it closer to the 3rd percentile, 97 percent of the other boys are correspondingly larger and only 3 percent smaller than your son.

Growth chart for boys

Age in years

Size in cm at the percentiles

3. P
15 P
50. P
85. P
97. P

2.0 81.4 83.9 87.1 90.3 92.1
3.0 89.1 92.2 96.1 99.9 103.1
4.0 95.4 99.0 103.3 107.7 111.2
5.0 101.2 105.2 110.0 114.8 118.7
6.0 106.7 110.8 116.0 121.1 125.2
7.0 111.8 116.3 121.7 127.2 131.7
8.0 116.6 121.4 127.3 133.1 137.9
9.0 121.3 126.3 132.6 138.8 143.9
10.0 125.8 131.2 137.8 144.4 149.8
11.0 130.5 136.1 143.1 150.1 155.8
12.0 135.8 141.7 149.1 156.4 162.4
13.0 142.1 148.3 156.0 163.7 170.0
14.0 148.7 155.2 163.2 171.2 177.6
15.0 154.3 160.9 169.0 177.0 183.6
16.0 158.3 164.8 172.9 181.0 187.5
17.0 160.8 167.2 175.2 183.1 189.5
18.0 162.2 168.4 176.1 183.9 190.0
19.0 162.8 169.0 176.5 184.1 190.3

Source: World Health Organization (2012)

When there is a growth disorder in a boy?

Possible disturbances in the growth of a boy you recognize the fact that the growth curve is either very far away from the average percentile or taking a fundamentally different course, for example, by a sudden kinking. More you can find in our article on the subject of growth disorders. It may also be that the growth of a boy slowed down temporarily or accelerated. But these smaller growth spurts or delays are quite normal in the growth and development have not a disorder usually go. If in doubt you should you but turn to the pediatrician.

Differences between boys and girls

The growth of boys is slightly different than that of girls. That's why there are different benchmarks for boys and girls. Boys are, for example later in puberty as a girl and the resulting strong growth phase will also place later, in fact only about 14 years. Girls have this growth spurt already with about twelve years. It so happens that boys are more in growth and are sometimes only grown with 19, while girls usually reach already with about 16 years of their adult size. Boys are also a total average of 10 to 20 centimeters greater than Mädchen.Wie different growth development, you can in our article "Kids Growth Chart" read.

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